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Fast friends for Apple Pay

Last week at an investor conference, Tim Cook told the audience the mobile payments market is taking off faster that he thought it would, ‘much faster’ in fact. Apple has been reluctant to reveal any hard numbers regarding the amount of transactions that have taken place on its platform since its release at the close […]

Improving perception of mobile payments

A new survey shows that a third of the UK population believe payments made on a smartphone will become the most prevalent form of payments by 2020, outstripping transactions made by debit or credit cards. The survey is just one aspect of Experian’s ‘Banking moving forward’ study. For mobile solution providers, it’s an encouraging statistic – […]

1, 2, 3, 4, password security remains poor

Splashdata last month revealed its annual list of the most commonly used passwords and they remain shockingly poor. The data complies over 3.3 million passwords leaked in 2014 from the US and Western Europe. What’s particularly worrying is the two most common passwords, ‘123456’ and ‘password’, have topped the list again, retaining their top spot […]

UK shows global eCommerce leadership

A report, by researchers Enders Analysis, has revealed some impressive statistics and figures regarding the UK’s eCommerce economy. Per head the UK is far ahead of the US and its European counterparts. UK consumers spend some £2,000 a year per head on eCommerce platforms, nearly double that of the likes of France and Germany. Furthermore, […]

China’s 520 million smartphones and counting

For many years, China was virtually a closed market for Western companies, but in the days of the global village, all that has changed.  The opening up of the Chinese market for outside players doesn’t just create a new market opportunity – it creates the world’s largest market opportunity. And while China once had a reputation […]

Google Wallet takes first steps in UK

Google Wallet has long been available in the US, but has yet to take any real steps in any other regions. With the prospect of Apple Pay coming to the UK in 2015, it seems the search engine giant is now ready to start making its move – though it’s a small one to start. […]

The year of Apple Pay?

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has predicted that 2015 will be ‘the year of Apple Pay’. The company will be looking to capitalise on the impressive sales they achieved with the release of the iPhone 6 in its first financial quarter. In the three months before the 27 December, Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones, bringing […]

Amazon’s mobile wallet goes back in its pocket

Amazon’s forays into new markets in the last 12 months were not entirely successful. The Amazon Fire phone, for example, was labelled a flop in most quarters and the company’s attempts at providing alternative payment methods have fizzled away. Last week, Amazon pulled its mobile wallet service off the market. The Amazon Wallet was designed […]

Study shows biometric security to replace passwords

A Visa Europe study has shown that a large proportion of young people are ready to ditch passwords and adopt biometric security measures. More than three-quarters of respondents between the age of 16-24 were in favour of biometric measures such as fingerprint and retina scanning or facial and voice recognition. Fingerprint scanning was unsurprisingly the […]

PayPal and Microsoft mPOS partnership

PayPal’s mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution is extending its capabilities to Windows devices. Previously the company’s PayPal Here solution, aimed at providing small businesses with a flexible way to provide mPOS, was only available on iOS and Android devices. Now Microsoft’s tablets, running Windows 8, can provide the same experience. On top of that PayPal have […]