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Square gets a new ID touchpoint

The latest version of the Square Cash app now allows users to utilise Touch ID on Apple devices. Transactions on the peer-to-peer service can now be authorised and authenticated with the fingerprint scanner, available on the iPhone 5s and both models of the iPhone 6. Square is not the first payment service to add the same [...]

Mobile authentication coming from Payfone and major banks

Payfone are looking to bring an additional layer of security to mobile banking that doesn't sacrifice convenience. With its partners at Early Warning and four as yet unnamed major US financial institutions (most likely the banks that have invested in Early Warning), Payfone aims to bring its new mobile authentication product to market in the first [...]

Login and registration: the Pa$$w0rd problem

You've got a great new site, offering a brilliant service, and you just can't wait for people to get their hands on it. But, the sign-ups are slow, and the growth is not as you had hoped. What's the problem? Well, your site might not be all you think it is, but you can bet [...]

Twitter offers coupon opportunity

The social media giant is set to introduce 'Twitter coupons'. The idea is to transform the Twitter platform into an opportunity to offer discounts to customers, in the process increasing Twitter's advertising revenue while boosting engagement for retailers. Companies pay Twitter to promote their coupon tweets, and then those Twitter users who interact with the coupon will [...]

What's the Login and registration solution?

There's hardly a site on the internet that doesn't have the 'forgot your password?' button. And there isn't a single person reading this who hasn't at some point been the poor soul clicking it. We've all forgotten our password, or even username for that matter. But is it really our fault? Well, of course not. [...]

Loyalty is the key to the throne

The mobile phone may not be the king of payments just yet, but it is very much the heir to the throne, with three-quarters of consumers planning to use their mobile for Christmas shopping. Research commissioned by the US-based company, Retale, has shown once again the ever increasing role the mobile phone is playing in [...]

Loyalty the key to mobile payments

Starbucks announced poor sales for the last quarter on Thursday, but CEO Howard Schultz said the company was 'playing the offence'. And on Mobile Payments Schultz said "Starbucks will have a major role to play, both inside and outside of our stores." And the CEO of Starbucks has got a point. The company is the strongest [...]

A man's best friend is his smartphone

We've spent a lot of time here mulling over mobile payments - If and when they will become the standard? What advantages they will bring to customers in the form of loyalty and identity? And how they can be a benefit to the

Orange says hello to identity

It seems that others are waking up to the potential for the smartphone to act as an identity hub to access services and register on websites. The GSMA’s Mobile Connect initiative - using SIM-card based authentication - was announced at its big Barcelona shindig way back in March, but last week mobile operator Orange talked [...]

A 'loyal' wedding

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet right now? While you fiddle around and have a rummage in your wallet/purse, let me tell you how many I have: Zero. A teenage incarnation of myself did carry around a GAME card. I would have been better off getting a t-shirt that said 'I [...]

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