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Ensygnia CEO speaks at Payments events

Off the back of presenting at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this month, Richard H Harris, Ensygnia CEO, has this week been sharing his insight at more leading industry events. Richard spoke at MWC 2015 as part of the panel about mobile innovation, and then earlier this week he spoke at the Mobile [...]

Samsung enter the mobile payments market with Samsung Pay

At this years Mobile World Congress event - Samsung revealed its plans to enter the mobile payments market. Last month we learnt of Samsung's acquisition of the US based company LoopPay. The Korean company's intentions with its newly acquired technology has now become clear. Collaborating with MasterCard, Samsung revealed its own mobile payments system simply called Samsung [...]

Google Wallet and Softcard team up to take on Apple Pay

Nothing reconciles two former enemies than the threat of competition. That's exactly what has happened with Google and Softcards' impending partnership. Later this year, there is no official date was announced as yet, all Android devices sold by the carriers AT & T, T-Mobile US and Verizon will come with Google wallet's NFC solution pre-installed. Vice [...]

Contactless payment limit rises to £30

The UK Card Association has confirmed that the payment limit imposed on contactless payments will rise to £30 from £20. There are some 52 million contactless cards in circulation in the UK. Users of these cards can now make payments of up to £30 without the need to enter a pin number. It comes as no [...]

Fast friends for Apple Pay

Last week at an investor conference, Tim Cook told the audience the mobile payments market is taking off faster that he thought it would, 'much faster' in fact. Apple has been reluctant to reveal any hard numbers regarding the amount of transactions that have taken place on its platform since its release at the close [...]

Improving perception of mobile payments

A new survey shows that a third of the UK population believe payments made on a smartphone will become the most prevalent form of payments by 2020, outstripping transactions made by debit or credit cards. The survey is just one aspect of Experian's 'Banking moving forward' study. For mobile solution providers, it's an encouraging statistic - [...]

UK shows global eCommerce leadership

A report, by researchers Enders Analysis, has revealed some impressive statistics and figures regarding the UK's eCommerce economy. Per head the UK is far ahead of the US and its European counterparts. UK consumers spend some £2,000 a year per head on eCommerce platforms, nearly double that of the likes of France and Germany. Furthermore, [...]

China's 520 million smartphones and counting

For many years, China was virtually a closed market for Western companies, but in the days of the global village, all that has changed.  The opening up of the Chinese market for outside players doesn't just create a new market opportunity - it creates the world's largest market opportunity. And while China once had a reputation [...]

Amazon's mobile wallet goes back in its pocket

Amazon's forays into new markets in the last 12 months were not entirely successful. The Amazon Fire phone, for example, was labelled a flop in most quarters and the company's attempts at providing alternative payment methods have fizzled away. Last week, Amazon pulled its mobile wallet service off the market. The Amazon Wallet was designed [...]

PayPal and Microsoft mPOS partnership

PayPal's mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution is extending its capabilities to Windows devices. Previously the company's PayPal Here solution, aimed at providing small businesses with a flexible way to provide mPOS, was only available on iOS and Android devices. Now Microsoft's tablets, running Windows 8, can provide the same experience. On top of that PayPal have [...]

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