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Two UK banks add Touch ID to mobile banking apps

RBS and Natwest will become the first two banks in the UK to take advantage of Apple's Touch ID technology on their mobile banking apps. From 19 February, after an initial activation using their existing security information - users of the two banks' respective apps will be able to access them through the touch of [...]

Improving perception of mobile payments

A new survey shows that a third of the UK population believe payments made on a smartphone will become the most prevalent form of payments by 2020, outstripping transactions made by debit or credit cards. The survey is just one aspect of Experian's 'Banking moving forward' study. For mobile solution providers, it's an encouraging statistic - [...]

1, 2, 3, 4, password security remains poor

Splashdata last month revealed its annual list of the most commonly used passwords and they remain shockingly poor. The data complies over 3.3 million passwords leaked in 2014 from the US and Western Europe. What's particularly worrying is the two most common passwords, '123456' and 'password', have topped the list again, retaining their top spot [...]

Study shows biometric security to replace passwords

A Visa Europe study has shown that a large proportion of young people are ready to ditch passwords and adopt biometric security measures. More than three-quarters of respondents between the age of 16-24 were in favour of biometric measures such as fingerprint and retina scanning or facial and voice recognition. Fingerprint scanning was unsurprisingly the [...]

New PCI compliance rules are a step in the right direction

2014 wasn't exactly the greatest year for cyber security. No indeed: from banks to retailers, companies and governments, last year was one to forget. Well actually, scratch that - last year was one more than ever to remember. The industry needs to learn from its mistakes, the loop holes need to be closed and customers' [...]

Security stirred, not shaken

Eyelock's latest product, the Myris, is seriously cool. The Myris allows you to log onto your computer, websites and apps by scanning your irises - spy movie style. I think I would take to wearing a tuxedo, with a Walther PPK tucked in my holster and a martini in my now free hands every time I use my [...]

Latest Sony breach exposes security issue with Passwords yet again

Sony continues to suffer from one of largest-ever hacks of a commercial company in history. All last week the company suffered from security breaches and it seems like there is no sign of the haemorrhage stopping. Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO, Michael Lynton, and co-chairman, Amy Pascal, described the hack as a "brazen attack on our company, [...]

Passwords: a false sense of security

The days of the password are numbered. The latest development demonstrating this is Mastercard and Visa's plan to ditch their 3D secure authentication system. At the moment, when customers make a purchase online either using a debit or credit card from Mastercard or Visa, they are greeted by an extra security step. Users are required to complete a pop [...]

NFC's security vulnerabilities

Over the last two days HP's Pwn2Own competition has exposed some previously unknown security issues in a number of the most popular smartphones available on the market. The majority of the hacks, or "pwns", exploited the NFC capabilities of the devices. HP's Zero Day Initiative(ZDI) hosted the event for the third year in a row in [...]

Home Depot the latest US firm to suffer security breach

To say 2014 hasn't been a good year for the security of some of the US's largest firms would be a colossal understatement. Home Depot have revealed today, further attacks have led to the e-mail addresses of some 53 million customers being stolen. This is on top of the 56 million debit and credit card [...]

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