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Onescan is a secure interaction platform

Onescan supports many kinds of interactions between Partners (merchants) and Onescan devices leveraging a range of value-added services. Some examples are:

  • New customer registration
  • Multifactor out-of-band Login
  • Online Payments
  • In-store Payments
  • Instant Impulse Purchasing
  • Identity & Know Your Customer
  • Loyalty
  • Coupons
  • Real-time credit checking
  • Real-time credit card application & issue

Onescan minimises the time and effort it takes for a Partner to integrate and get up and running, having developed a set of toolkits for popular platforms.


The Onescan platform currently supports the following frameworks

Ensygnia Onescan supported platforms

With more being added all the time. Talk to us.

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Onescan is now available on Magento

Magento is the world's leading eCommerce platform. 34 per cent of the 20 most popular eCommerce sites on the web utilize Magento's range of products. And the platform is about to became more flexible than ever...

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Ensygnia is offering its Onescan login and registration technology for free between now and the end of the year.


Full documentation and guidelines available

Each toolkit is provided with complete documentation and working samples.

As a demand led company we are always looking to expand this list against Partner requirements. In addition to our toolkits we allow partners to decide the level of integration they wish to do.

For example, Onescan supports a zero integration mode where our Onescan technology is configured to allow payments to be initiated using the merchant’s preferred payment methods and gateways.  Merchants use their current reconciliation processes that they already have in place.


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