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Ensygnia - a proven and tested secure transaction platform

The safety of our customers’ personal and financial data and information lies at the heart of Ensygnia’s secure transaction platform and the Onescan app. We start with an industry-leading security platform but can even add additional layers to suit personal or individual requirements.

The smartphone lock and key system

With our secure identity management platform we hold our customer’s encrypted data safe from access and “tokenized” to render it meaningless unless unlocked.  And the only “key” that can unlock your data is your phone – nobody else’s phone, just yours using our Onescan app. Onescan puts you in total control of access and use of your personal data. The data used by Onescan that is stored on your device is encrypted to bank grade levels of security, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access and read your data within the handset.

At Ensygnia, we are trusted to handle extremely valuable, personal financial data. That’s why our transactions and transmissions are based on identity and encrypted. It’s also why we enable our customers to avoid storing valuable data centrally, exposed to the web. No central store, means no central target for any hackers. Having nothing to attack, is a pretty good method of defence.

Optional security features

What’s more the Onescan app lets you add additional layers of security as well. The basic version of the app is PIN protected, so only the user can open it to access the features. But there’s a spectrum of additional, optional, security that our users can apply – such as pass phrases, voice recognition, and integration with smartphone fingerprint readers. You can even add-in any of these further security checks deep within the app – maybe to confirm any change to personal data for example.

Mobile payment and authentication services

Ensygnia’s secure mobile transaction platform has a wide range of uses for financial and personal data exchange. The controlled interaction between the Onescan App on your unique device and our secure server can facilitate a range of transactions from simple entry into a company or social online network, right through to banking and mobile payment applications.

Security of access rights

Because identity and control lies at the heart of the Ensygnia Onescan platform both users - and suppliers - of the service can apply access rules. This can range from a simple spending limit to a series of network permissions. For example, a user logging into a company network might only have permissions to access certain files – some parts of the system may remain closed. Because Onescan is based on identity, those rules can be applied centrally and prevent unauthorised access.

Bank-grade Security

Onescan was initially aimed at Banks and other organisations that required a high level of security for users accessing their web sites and accounts.

Historically there has always been a trade off between ease-of-use and convenience of access compared to maximum security and protection. The easier you make something to use the more vulnerable you make it to hackers and fraudsters.

Onescan has overcome that ease-of-use versus security challenge by harnessing the power of any smart phone with a camera as founder Richard H Harris, who came up with the idea, explains here.

Onescan can be used for:

  • Secure check-in
  • Account creation and registration
  • Login
  • Minimising fraud risk


Benefits and features:

  • Mitigating fraud risk
  • Frictionless ease-of-use for Login and Registration
  • One simple interaction for multiple purposes such as Registration, Payment and Loyalty all-in-one seamless transaction
  • Federated secure sessions for removing any risk of security breach or hack
  • All device data is held in a strongly encrypted vault
  • Message data is also secured and encrypted end-to-end using multiple layers and digital signatures
  • Payment data is tokenized and stored in highly secure PCI DSS Level 1 Card Vault
  • Digitally signed messages are are held in a tamper proof audit trail
  • All configuration and personally identifying data stored by the service is encrypted
  • Our platform is regularly scanned and tested against penetration by world-class security partners.

What happens if I lose my phone?

Onescan users often express concern about what will happen if they lose their phones.

The data used by Onescan that is stored on your device is encrypted to bank grade levels of security, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access and read your data within the handset.

The security scheme used means that nothing on the device provides any clue to an attacker as to the value of encryption keys used. The only attack method available is brute force where even all the computing power in the world would take a few thousand lifetimes to correctly guess the key.

The app locks itself automatically after a short period so you are safe even if you leave the device unattended.  To open the App the minimum level of security we require is a personal PIN number chosen by the user.

However, Onescan users will also be able add extra layers of security such as fingerprint scanning or facial or voice recognition to prevent the unauthorised opening of the app or changes to any of its stored information.

For extra security, you can disable Onescan instantly from the Onescan website or by sending an email to Onescan support. And when you recover or replace your phone you can easily and quickly restore your account.



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