Without doubt, the time has never been better to partner with Ensygnia.

Payment Partners

We support most payments providers globally for credit and debit card transactions, wallets and carrier billing.


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Premier Partners




Preferred Partners


plus over 100 other payment gateways and acquirers (ask us for details).

Case Study: Partnering with O2

“A comprehensively executed Ensygnia Retail Solution has the ability to deliver a step change in revenue and reduced cost base. In the case of a Pan-European high street retailer, this could credibly be in the tens of millions.”

– Mark Bowden, Head of Finance, O2 Telefonica


Technology Partners

Certainly many companies could benefit from our compliance-in-box solution and you could too. Obviously, this gives you PCI Level 1 compliance for your apps or websites. However, you probably weren’t aware that we could deliver it practically overnight. You might be adding this as something new for your business. On the other hand, you could be partially or completely de-scoping. In reality, that could have you potentially saving millions of pounds.

Then again, perhaps you’re concerned that other PSD2 compliant payment solutions will create barriers. Your sales conversion could decline significantly as a result.  Our strong multifactor authentication actually reduces friction and increases sales. It’s patented too so you can’t get it elsewhere.

Finally you might be an innovator or pioneer looking to improve customer engagement or build new revenue-generating customer journeys.

By using our platform, mobile app, white-label or SDKs you can deploy robust solutions in record time. Choose between using your in-house team or your preferred outsourcing partner.  Alternatively, if you need us, we’d be happy to help.  We’ve successfully delivered projects for companies such as Visa Europe, Callcredit, BBC Worldwide, O2, Waitrose and Sabre.  They’re all delighted because we always exceed expectations, finish on time and complete on or under budget.


If you want your business to take advantage of the enormous growth in mobile transactions, then Onescan provides a completely agnostic platform that can adapt and grow to integrate new developments future-proofing your investment and your mobile strategy.  So here are just a few of the benefits of working with Onescan:

  • Firstly you can delight your customers with a stunning user experience
  • Secondly we give you PCI level 1 compliance and world-class security in-a-box
  • And finally, when you factor in all considerations, we’re the lowest cost compared to your other choices

Additionally we provide:

  • Especially easy-to-implement service APIs.  Accordingly, this allows you to deliver in days and weeks as opposed to months or years.
  • Comprehensively executed payment integration.  This gives you everything you’ll ever need.  Even Bitcoin if you really want it.
  • Future-proofing of your mobile payment strategy and integration.
  • Partner opportunities across our eco-system.
  • Openings for resellers, integrators and service partners.
  • Own-brand opportunities provided by the Onescan Inside SDK.
  • Build attractive, instant purchase offers for consumers.
  • One integration – multiple retail and service opportunities.

System Integrators and App developers gain a huge competitive advantage too.

System Integration & Value Added Reseller Partners

Our range of service partners and connections already includes some of the biggest names in the mobile, financial and security industries.  And more are joining us as we continue to build the most comprehensive and flexible secure mobile transaction platform with the widest range of potential features, applications, and benefits.

Due to the plug and play nature of our eco-system, there are many opportunities to partner and integrate with Onescan.  We tend to focus on travel and leisure.  So we’re always interested in hearing from retailers, hoteliers, cruise companies, airlines and airports. And if you’re service provider such as a payment gateway, processor, acquirer, issuer, bank, identity management vendor or biometric provider, we can provide a route to market.

If you are interested in joining Onescan’s fast-growing network of partners and connections, please contact us today.