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The free for life credit report service

Ensygnia have partnered with Noddle to launch their 'Big Brand Saver' initiative. Noddle, part of the Callcredit Information Group, provide free for life credit reports to a user-base over 600,000 people strong. Noddle keeps their users informed and helps them utilize that information to save money. Combined with Ensygnia's Snaptaps service, the Noddle user-base have a powerful tool for keeping ahead of the game. Every day, Snaptaps lists the biggest price drops across all the retail sites it monitors and offers bargain-hunters quick access to the very best money-saving deals.


“We are excited by this development as our users are determined to get the best value for their money. Based on their personal credit ratings, Noddle already helps consumers find the best card and loan deals available and helps make more of their money with access to money saving offers and vouchers. Our partnership with Snaptaps will extend our ability to share that information with our users across thousands of products and brands.”

- Jacqueline Dewey, Managing Director, Noddle

What Noddle Do

These days, your credit rating is part and parcel of life, with a big part to play in deciding everything from personal loans to mobile phone contracts. Noddle gives you free for life access to your credit report - and helps you put it to good use, too.

Noddle will search the market to find you the best credit cards and loans available to you based on your credit rating, and give you a view of your likelihood of being accepted for them - helping you to make informed decisions.

Noddle also saves you time and money by giving you access to all kinds of vouchers and offers to suit you, your life, and your interests. You just choose what you want - you’re always in control. From restaurant vouchers to travel and hotels, Noddle offers you a range of different categories to browse. Select the categories you want to see discount offers and vouchers for, using our unique sliders. Switch off those you’re not interested in – nothing could be simpler.

Who Are Noddle?

Noddle is part of Callcredit.

Founded in 2000, Callcredit is considered by their customers to be the most innovative of three Credit Reference Agencies in the UK. They now employ over 700 professionals in the UK.

The Group's customers include many of the UK's leading companies, including all of the clearing banks, several major international lenders, media communications businesses, and petroleum, automotive, power and retail organisations. Callcredit helps them to serve and protect their millions of customers in the UK.

So it's really very simple: Good things happen when you use your Noddle

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