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Introducing Ensygnia Onescan

Simple, fast, secure and confidential mobile transactions

Ensygnia's secure transaction engine and Onescan mobile app work in combination to drive applications in identity management, advanced security systems, mobile payments and loyalty programmes. In the payments world it allows customers and prospects to typically go from looking to buying in less than ten seconds.

 Onescan on your smartphone

Ensygnia - a proven and secure transaction platform

The safety of our customers' personal and financial data and information lies at the heart of Ensygnia's secure transaction platform and the Onescan app. We start with an industry-leading security platform, but can add additional layers to suit personal or individual requirements.

How Onescan works:

Onescan allows any smartphone to interact with any other connected screen. Users enter their details once in to the app and then they can shop in seconds anywhere they see the Onescan logo. We're aiming to make this the last time consumers ever have to enter their personal, payment and delivery details again. Shopping becomes a simple one scan process and we take care of everything in the background. We share just the information needed - and nothing more - in an encrypted secure transaction. In seconds, everything is done and customers get an e-receipt on their phone and an email confirmation.

Secure Mobile Identity Management Solutions

Secure Mobile Identity solutions powered by Ensygnia's Onescan app can revolutionise the way people login to personal, commercial or business services, access company web sites, or even enter a building.

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Mobile Payments For Secure Money Transfer

Mobile Payments from Ensygnia Onescan are amazingly fast, simple and secure. Anywhere users see the special Onescan Padlock payment code, they can simply open up their app, scan the code, and the transaction is done in around ten seconds. No matter whether that's Online, In-store or On-the-go.

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Mobile Loyalty Programme Integration for Retailers

Mobile loyalty programmes & reward schemes work best when they encourage engagement and participation. And they need to be seamless - with consumers able to maximise schemes without having to remember cards, numbers or vouchers.

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