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Mobile Loyalty Programme

Integration for Retailers to Boost Customer Engagement

Mobile loyalty programmes & reward schemes work best when they encourage engagement and participation. And they need to be seamless – with consumers able to maximise schemes without having to remember cards, numbers or vouchers.

How it works:

By integrating mobile loyalty programmes into Onescan, retailers can link secure mobile identity to payment, and even into presence – so they know when the customer has entered the shop, not just when they are leaving.

You just want a payment to work. To be safe, secure and as pain free or frictionless as possible for the user – and Onescan delivers that and more.

Things get interesting either end of a payment transaction

Onescan can help to incentivise consumers, encourage transactions and issue automatic rewards. Integrating Onescan with mobile loyalty schemes increases consumer engagement, influences positive consumer behaviour and improves brand perception.

Too often loyalty is acknowledged as a separate transaction after the payment has been made – by swiping the loyalty card hopefully found lurking deep inside the customer’s purse or wallet. With Onescan Mobile Loyalty, retailers can incorporate payments and loyalty in one seamless transaction – immediately applying any discounts that are due as well as issuing points for future rewards.

Scan as you enter - pick up your rewards and offers

Ensygnia Onescan can also be used to trigger offers and rewards while shoppers are in the store. Simply by scanning one of our special padlock codes on entry, shoppers can alert the store to their presence and then receive - direct to their handset - special offers and promotions individually selected for them based on previous shopping.

Any rewards that are also due can also be advised there and then, boosting engagement and ensuring that your customers get the best deals available.

Mobile Loyalty Applications include

Mobile Loyalty applications include

  • Incentives
  • Rewards
  • Integrate with your existing loyalty programme


  • One seamless transaction
  • Digital receipts plus Proof of Purchase
  • Ability to target consumers with 1:1 personal offers
  • Plug and play the Onescan platform with your existing loyalty programme
  • Utilise our open SDKs and APIs


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