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Secure Mobile Identity Management

Onescan - a smarter way to protect and manage your secure mobile identity

Secure Mobile Identity solutions powered by Ensygnia's Onescan app can revolutionise the way people login to personal, commercial or business services, access company web sites, or even enter a building.


No more user names and passwords

Ensygnia Onescan means no more need to maintain and remember a plethora of usernames and passwords. Our authentication service allows you to manage and control your identity and personal details simply and easily using your mobile phone.

Secure storage - controlled access

Your details are securely stored and encrypted using a combination of your smartphone and the Ensygnia identity management system. Only when your phone scans one of our special padlock codes is access given to unlock your information on our secure platform. This keeps your details safe and private – and gives you control over what you share and who you share it with.

No central files to hack

With Onescan authentication, there's no central database of usernames and passwords that can be stolen or hacked to compromise your security and the millions of others. Instead our system recognizes your smartphone which effectively then acts as the key to access and unlocks your encrypted data.

A flexible system with multiple applications

Ensygnia Onescan identity management and authentication services have applications in:

  • Login and registration
  • Bar Management
  • Banking
  • Sports ticketing
  • Who-am-I?
  • Check-in
  • Self-certification
  • Audience participation
  • Attendance monitoring

Security is at the heart of what we do

Our Bank Grade security has undergone stringent testing from consultant "hackers" and experts from within Telefonica's technology laboratories without once being broken. Our customers can use Onescan for secure login and registration safe in the knowledge that their data is safe and cannot be compromised.

Identity Management Solutions

Our customers can use Onescan for secure login and registration safe in the knowledge that their data is safe and cannot be compromised

Login & Registration

Login & Registration

At the heart of Ensygnia Onescan technology is identity. We store your details and information: in essence, who you are, on your phone and in our secure bank-grade cloud.

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Bar Tab Management

Bar Management

Ensygnia's Onescan mobile app helps bar & club owners and managers to cut fraud and increase payment security for them and their customers.

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Benefits and features:

  • Onescan offers a holistic customer view
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • ID Verification
  • Anti-fraud / de-risk

Key Partnerships:

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