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Smart mobile bar tab management

Ensygnia's Onescan mobile app helps bar & club owners and managers to cut fraud and increase payment security for them and their customers. Bar tab set up, management and payment can all be driven through the Onescan app ensuring accurate and valid payment information, and improved customer data.

How it works

Customers download the Onescan mobile app, which can be re-labelled to carry a pub or bar chain brand, and enter their personal payment details. Onescan securely stores the bank information and supporting data - such as name, age verification, and email address - in an encrypted format on the phone and in our bank-grade cloud server.

Payments in one simple scan

Pubs working with Onescan simply display our unique code near or on the payment terminal and all the customer has to do is scan the code, enter their password or Pin, and set up their tab. What's more, either the customer, or the bar owner can set a limit on the size of the tab.

Tab management made easy

Once the tab is open, all food and drink orders are displayed on the phone, and a running total is provided. Either the customer or the bar owner can close the tab and collect the payment when a limit is reached. For the customer, no need to go back to the bar to collect a card and pay - just hit authorise on the phone screen and walk out the door. Payment confirmation is shown on the pub terminal and a receipt is sent straight to the phone. It's that simple.


What's more - because the bar now knows its customers and what they like, it can automatically trigger special offers and discounts that will encourage repeat visits.

Identity Management Solutions

Our customers can use Onescan for secure login and registration safe in the knowledge that their data is safe and cannot be compromised

Login & Registration

Login & Registration

At the heart of Ensygnia Onescan technology is identity. We store your details and information: in essence, who you are, on your phone and in our secure bank-grade cloud.

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Onescan FREE Login & Registration

Ensygnia is making its Onescan login and registration technology available free to any retailer or merchant web site between now and the end of the year.

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Benefits and features:

  • Onescan offers a holistic customer view
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • ID Verification
  • Anti-fraud / de-risk

Key Partnerships:

secure mobile identity with Noddlecallcredit working with Ensygnia


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