Identity Management

Login & Registration

No more usernames and passwords, no more lengthy registration process

At the heart oree Ensygnia Onescan technology is identity. We store your details and information: in essence, who you are, on your phone and in our secure bank-grade cloud. Your privacy is back in your control and back in your pocket.

Online login & registration

Online the Onescan technology has the potential to revolutionise the way people use the internet, whether that is for shopping, paying bills or simply logging in to business, personal or social websites.

If a consumer comes across a Onescan integrated website they want to register with; instead of a lengthy form filling exercise, they could register on the site with just one simple scan from their smart phone. It works as an auto form filler, sharing just the details needed and nothing more.

Secure identity management

You can use our app and platform to prove who you are, complete interactions while only sharing the data and details that are absolutely required and nothing else - for example, we can tell an online retailer a payment has been made and give them your delivery address without having to give them your payment card details.

Simple, fast secure registration and log-in every time

It's not only registration that is improved by Onescan. Once you have registered you can use Onescan to log in to the site the next time you visit. At no point do you have to create a username and password, or fulfil any security requirements like email confirmations or captcha codes. Onescan becomes your digital passport and gives you control of your personal data in one seamless process.

Hassle free and secure online experience

With no more usernames and passwords to remember your online experience becomes a lot safer - especially as there is no central database for hackers to attack. Furthermore, with Onescan log-in, there is no need to stay permanently logged into a service. It's such an obvious security issue that many people choose to ignore.

The process of logging in with Onescan is so quick and easy you can log-in and log-out everytime, and if it is a site you haven't used in a long while there is no forgotten password issues.

Onescan login and registration

If you regard the forgotten password link as a necessary evil on your site - an unsecure window onto your world - we have good news for you. You can forget about passwords altogether. And usernames come to that. Our merchant APIs are available to download free of charge from our website.

You can see how it works for yourself on our partner web site Snaptaps – which provides a daily price alerts service to drive shoppers to bargain offers at retail stores.

Identity Management Solutions

Our customers can use Onescan for secure login and registration safe in the knowledge that their data is safe and cannot be compromised

Free login

Onescan Login & Registration

Ensygnia is making its Onescan login and registration technology available to any retailer or merchant web site.

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Bar Tab Management

Bar Management

Ensygnia's Onescan mobile app helps bar & club owners and managers to cut fraud and increase payment security for them and their customers.

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Benefits and features:

  • Onescan offers a holistic customer view
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • ID Verification
  • Anti-fraud / de-risk

Key Partnerships:

secure mobile identity with Noddlecallcredit working with Ensygnia


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