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Secure Mobile Payments

Secure Mobile Payments with Onescan - from looking to buying in just ten seconds

Secure Mobile Payments from Ensygnia Onescan are an amazingly fast and simple solution. Anywhere users see the special Onescan Padlock payment code, they can simply open up their app, scan the code, and the transaction is done in around ten seconds. Whether that's, or on-the-go. No need to login, or create an account. Just point, scan, and choose your payment method. Onescan takes care of everything else.


How do I pay with Onescan?

The Onescan app securely stores your chosen methods of payments, encrypted within your handset to Bank grade levels of security. (You can read more about the security here).

Within the App you can store a wide range of payment methods - everything from your traditional bank credit or debit card details to your Paypal account info and many more. All you do is choose which one to use when making a purchase. Think of Onescan as the place where you can keep all your wallets and cards safely under lock and key but easy for you to access and use.

Security at the core of a mobile payment solution

Unfortunately this is not always the case. And too often, the highest levels of security come with great complexity or are a hassle to use. With Ensygnia Onescan, we have managed to combine bank-grade security with unparalleled ease of use. For our partners, this means they can integrate their own mobile wallet, payment method or app into our secure mobile payment solution. For consumers, this means they can store and use their chosen payment methods easily, quickly and securely.

Not just one wallet and not just one place

Our secure mobile payments transaction platform can handle all types of wallets and payments - direct debit, credit card, debit cards, Paypal, even mobile operator wallets. It also enables our partner retailers to accept all of these new mobile payment methods whether in their store, on their web site, just looking at a digital screen advert or even on printed material.

Easy integration behind the scenes

For our retail partners, Ensygnia also means we can integrate with their preferred payment partners and gateways - our platform is completely agnostic so you don't need to change your existing processes or back office systems. We can also work with all the existing payment methods that our retailers currently offer their customers and can even open up a few new options as well. Added to that, because all of our transactions are tokenized, this removes the need for our retailers to handle sensitive payment card data and that in turn means there's no need for the retailer to achieve PCI compliance.

Payment Solutions

Mobile Payments with Onescan - from looking to buying in just ten seconds

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Onescan is now available on Magento

Magento is the world's leading eCommerce platform. 34 per cent of the 20 most popular eCommerce sites on the web utilize Magento's range of products. And the platform is about to became more flexible than ever...

Mobile Point of Sale Payments


Ensygnia's Onescan solution is ideal to integrate directly into mobile point of sale terminals. Any mPOS terminal with a digital screen can be simply integrated with Onescan to drive instant mobile payments with just one scan.

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Mobile Digital Receipts

Mobile digital receipts

Onescan helps consumers keep track of their spending and cuts down retailer’s paperwork, by delivering a eReceipt direct to the phone every time a purchase is made.

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Mobile Payments with Static Codes

Static codes

A Onescan static code from Ensygnia allows users to use Onescan's identity, mobile payment and loyalty applications on printed material, just like when interacting with another digital screen.

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Mobile Payments On Device


The newly released Onescan Inside SDKs allow your customers to make payments that do not require them to scan another screen or printed image - everything can be done on the one device.

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