Mobile Payments


In-store Queue Busting

Our mobile payment app means faster checkout and shorter queues. Onescan is a real world mobile point of sale solution. Whether powering a shopping 'fast lane', supporting in-store tablet retail, or using digital walls and posters, we can make in-store mobile purchasing simple, fast and secure.

No more long queues

Long queues turn customers off. No one likes waiting and there comes a point quite quickly where consumers will abandon their purchase and look elsewhere. Unless it is a just available hot product – such as a games console or the year's must-have Christmas toy - consumers simply do not tolerate excessively long queues. During busy times, such as lunch-hours or at Christmas and in the January sales, the problem is significant. Potential revenue and customers are lost to inefficient or slow payment methods. Onescan solves these issues in a multitude of ways. It can not only power and speed existing checkout systems, it can also dramatically increase sales opportunities and flexibility in-store.

Instant check-outs everywhere

Onescan is a simple elegant solution. It requires no expensive hardware investment. All Onescan needs is for customers to use their own smartphone to scan an in-store screen – which can be on a payment terminal, on the till itself, or on a mobile PoS. The retailer simply displays our unique 'Onescan Padlock code' on the screen and then, with just one scan, a consumer can complete their purchase in less than ten seconds – including adding any reward points or making a loyalty discount. Fast simple and secure: Onescan can cut queues and replace payment processes that can easily take more than a minute to complete using traditional methods such as chip & PIN. No need for PIN numbers and printouts - Onescan enables an almost instant purchase with an e-receipt automatically delivered to the phone.

Here's how it works from the consumer side:

Customers simply download our secure mobile app which is, of course, free to download from both the iTunes store and Google Play. They then complete a one-time registration process with our Onescan app. We use their smartphone and our bank-grade servers to encrypt and securely store all their personal, payment and delivery details. No payment details are held or retained visibly on the phone. From then on, consumers can make purchases with just one scan.  All they have to do is use their phone to scan our padlock with Onescan, and we take care of the rest in the background. We establish a connection with Onescan, extract your information from our secure server, and pass the required details to the retailer to make the transaction. And at the end you get a digital receipt sent straight to their phone.

Flexible sales

Onescan not only powers and speeds traditional check out systems, but opens up whole new opportunities. Any digital screen can become an interactive point of sale. There is no need for a queue or checkout desk. Sales assistants could be equipped with a tablet and becoming an extremely mobile and flexible point of sale. Sales can be powered quickly anywhere and at any time.


What's more, Onescan uniquely identifies every customer whether new or returning, and can happily transfer reward points from online activity with that retailer to an in-store purchase. Onescan quickly and seamlessly delivers loyalty rewards or promotions instantly to the customer's phone and can drive any additional in-store purchases through special offers and coupons.

Empowered and rewarded by this simple and secure mobile payment system, engagement, loyalty and spend will be enhanced across all shopping channels. We make shopping more impulsive, versatile and customer-centric.

Payment Solutions

Mobile Payments with Onescan - from looking to buying in just ten seconds

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Onescan is now available on Magento

Magento is the world's leading eCommerce platform. 34 per cent of the 20 most popular eCommerce sites on the web utilize Magento's range of products. And the platform is about to became more flexible than ever...


Mobile Point of Sale Payments


Ensygnia's Onescan solution is ideal to integrate directly into mobile point of sale terminals. Any mPOS terminal with a digital screen can be simply integrated with Onescan to drive instant mobile payments with just one scan.

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Mobile Digital Receipts

Mobile digital receipts

Onescan helps consumers keep track of their spending and cuts down retailer’s paperwork, by delivering a eReceipt direct to the phone every time a purchase is made.

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Mobile Payments with Static Codes

Static codes

A Onescan static code from Ensygnia allows users to use Onescan's identity, mobile payment and loyalty applications on printed material, just like when interacting with another digital screen.

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Mobile Payments On Device


The newly released Onescan Inside SDKs allow your customers to make payments that do not require them to scan another screen or printed image - everything can be done on the one device.

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