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Simple, fast, secure mobile payments from any digital screen

The revolutionary patented Onescan process enables you to sell your products from virtually any digital screen, anywhere. In fact Onescan can help turn window-shopping into actual shopping - even when the store is closed.

Onescan solution

The potential on-the-go uses of Onescan cover a wide range of activities, venues and applications. Onescan can liberate shopping and payments from the point of sale and turn a shop window into a shopping window.

We aim to revolutionize the way consumers pay for goods and services online, in-store and on-the-go.  We will help create entirely new shopping and sales opportunities previously not possible. What's more Onescan could also be used to power a whole host of other services, such as providing authentication, login or access to real world locations and services - from football grounds to cash machines.

24/7 Shopping

Onescan could allow customers to shop beyond opening hours by transforming any screen into an interactive shop window. Our smartphone payment technology can integrate with work on digital signage, bus shelter displays, televisions and cinema screens. Shopping on-the–go becomes a reality as adverts and posters become direct points-of-sales.


As a digital passport, Onescan can power registration, login and even physical entry into private clubs, business and social networks, or membership bodies.  With Onescan as an entry and identity system, businesses and organisations could more effectively control who has access to what services of a club, or what part of an online network or VPN.

With Onescan, entry to sporting event, a concert or a theatre becomes as simply as scanning a code on the door.  And paperless entry means no more tickets to lose.

Payment Solutions

Mobile Payments with Onescan - from looking to buying in just ten seconds

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Onescan is now available on Magento

Magento is the world's leading eCommerce platform. 34 per cent of the 20 most popular eCommerce sites on the web utilize Magento's range of products. And the platform is about to became more flexible than ever...


Mobile Point of Sale Payments


Ensygnia's Onescan solution is ideal to integrate directly into mobile point of sale terminals. Any mPOS terminal with a digital screen can be simply integrated with Onescan to drive instant mobile payments with just one scan.

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Mobile Digital Receipts

Mobile digital receipts

Onescan helps consumers keep track of their spending and cuts down retailer’s paperwork, by delivering a eReceipt direct to the phone every time a purchase is made.

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Mobile Payments with Static Codes

Static codes

A Onescan static code from Ensygnia allows users to use Onescan's identity, mobile payment and loyalty applications on printed material, just like when interacting with another digital screen.

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Mobile Payments On Device


The newly released Onescan Inside SDKs allow your customers to make payments that do not require them to scan another screen or printed image - everything can be done on the one device.

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