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Onescan Easy Online Shopping

Enabling simple, fast, secure smartphone payments will reduce abandoned baskets and substantially increase revenue. Integrating our mobile app and solution speeds check out by eliminating the need for customers to register, complete forms or remember their login details. Online shopping becomes a simple one scan procedure.

Basket abandonment

The number one problem facing online retailers is the number of baskets that get abandoned before the sale is complete. Integrating Ensygnia's Onescan solution solves this problem, and turns lost baskets into captured revenue. Onescan tears down the barriers consumers face when shopping online - no more endless form-filling, no new accounts to open, no new passwords to create and remember, and no need to go through banking verification systems. Onescan provides an almost instant, frictionless, and automatically verified online check-out experience.

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Easy integration for retailers

Online, Onescan works alongside existing payment systems and acts as a fast online check-out lane. Retailers can simply integrate Onescan payments and display our specially encrypted "padlock codes" either alongside individual products or on the check-out page, or both. Onescan immediately turbo-charges their check-out processes so that retailers are able to capture all the data they require from their consumers with one simple scan. Onescan will automatically provide all the personal and financial data the retailers require to complete and fulfil a purchase without the need for any form-filling or additional layers of security.

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The consumer experience

Customers simply install our secure mobile app which is free to download from both the iTunes store and Google Play. They then complete a one-time registration process with our Onescan app and the supporting secure platform. We use their smartphone and our bank-grade servers to encrypt and securely store all their personal, payment and delivery details. No payment details are held or retained visibly on the phone. From then on, consumers can make purchases using their stored information with just one scan. All they have to do - on any retail site displaying the Onescan symbol – is use their phone to scan our padlock with Onescan, and we take care of the rest in the background. Only our Onescan app can read the encrypted code, establish a connection with Onescan, extract your information from our secure server, and pass the required details to the retailer to make the transaction. And at the end they get a digital receipt sent straight to their phone. Simple, fast and secure online transactions with just one scan.


Onescan's secure platform is built on patented UK technology. It does not require any expensive or time-consuming overhaul of an online retailer's infrastructure and can run alongside existing payment methods. Integrating Onescan does not mean turning off other payment methods - but it does turn on a faster, more secure and frictionless mobile payment mechanism. Ensygnia's Onescan platform can be very quickly integrated into existing basket systems and works with a wide range of Payment Service Providers and Gateways, such as Sage Pay. But Onescan can do so much more than just provide an alternate service on the check-out page - it can be integrated down to an individual product page as well. This can fire very fast transactions - you see it, you scan it, you've bought it - all without leaving the product page.


Loyalty and reward schemes are so much easier to manage and automate using Onescan. Customers arriving on a site can use Onescan simply to log-in and trigger incentives and special offers just for them – what's more, the system can automatically add reward points to be redeemed the next time the consumer shops on the site.

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Payment Solutions

Mobile Payments with Onescan - from looking to buying in just ten seconds

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Onescan is now available on Magento

Magento is the world's leading eCommerce platform. 34 per cent of the 20 most popular eCommerce sites on the web utilize Magento's range of products. And the platform is about to became more flexible than ever...


Mobile Point of Sale Payments


Ensygnia's Onescan solution is ideal to integrate directly into mobile point of sale terminals. Any mPOS terminal with a digital screen can be simply integrated with Onescan to drive instant mobile payments with just one scan.

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Mobile Digital Receipts

Mobile digital receipts

Onescan helps consumers keep track of their spending and cuts down retailer’s paperwork, by delivering a eReceipt direct to the phone every time a purchase is made.

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Mobile Payments with Static Codes

Static codes

A Onescan static code from Ensygnia allows users to use Onescan's identity, mobile payment and loyalty applications on printed material, just like when interacting with another digital screen.

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Mobile Payments On Device


The newly released Onescan Inside SDKs allow your customers to make payments that do not require them to scan another screen or printed image - everything can be done on the one device.

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