A comprehensively executed Ensygnia Retail Solution has the ability to deliver a step change in revenue and reduced cost base. In the case of a Pan-European high street retailer, this could credibly be in the tens of millions.
— Mark Bowden, Head of Finance, O2 Telefonica

Waitrose concept store for mPOS payments

Pay from POS

O2 supported Waitrose in developing a conceptual showcase of future technology at an innovation event hosted at their new Swindon store. The event explored and simulated how innovative technology and digital services might be used to improve customers’ in-store experience.

Case Study: Partnering with O2

Click here  to download the PDF case study

Click here to download the PDF case study


Waitrose chose O2 to help deliver its innovation event hosted in their new branch. With fixed connectivity restricted by a short lead time, O2 supported Waitrose in ensuring they had the right infrastructure in place to manage the project by boosting the 3G signal for the branch and supporting in-store connectivity with O2 Wifi. O2 brought innovation to the project from Ensygnia, a start-up company supported by Telefónica’s WAYRA initiative, and Smart Steps Telefónica’s crowd data measurement tool, expanding the vision to encompass a wider range of digital solutions including mobile payments, interactivity and data analysis tools.