You know we live in an age of consumer impatience and ever increasing cyber threats.  So, we believe you need a brilliant customer experience coupled with the best security.  However, this has been a real challenge in the past - as the two have been mutually exclusive. That’s why we created Onescan.

An award-winning, robust and scalable SaaS platform with a mobile SDK

Considering our PCI Level 1 compliance, PSD2 Readiness and are regular pens testing, you can rest assured we're robust.  As we have 100% up-time for over 24 months, you know it's robust.  Finally, we know it’s scalable as it’s currently processing over 1 million requests per week and that’s not even a gentle jog for our platform. All this allows Onescan to enable a mobile phone to interact and transact with anything physical or digital. In fact, it turns any call-to-action into the action itself.

Turn anything into a Point of Sale for instant purchase.

So, consumers do not need to anything other than open your app, enter a PIN, take a picture and tap to confirm (Picture & PIN™).  This is highly secure and removes the need for usernames and passwords (unless you really, really, want to keep them).  It works with most payment methods globally too.  If you’re just using a mobile (single-device) you simply click or tap a Onescan Instant Action Link.  This allows instant action across the whole omni-channel: email, SMS, social media, websites, web-ads, mobile-ads, PC, tablet, mobile app, digital screens, POS terminals, PEDs, TV, posters, POS material, t-shirts, direct mail, magazines, billboards or anything else you can think of!  Essentially, we can turn anything into a Point of Sale for instant purchase.

At the back-end it seamlessly and rapidly integrates with anything and everything.  It includes an Internet of Things Gateway, focused on the Internet of Services™, as opposed to your fridge or toaster – but there’s no limitation.  It combines this with a workflow engine so you can build any consumer journey and include whatever is needed as a data source, data recipient or processing system both internally and with trusted third-parties.  Finally, it has a rendering engine so you can decide and quickly build how your customer journey will look and feel in-app.

In summary

In essence we enable: any customer journey, anywhere, anytime across the entire omni-channel - delivered to a mobile in real-time. Instant Action Triggers include visual (including QR), audio, RF or manually typed codes that use our highly secure yet brilliantly usable process.  It’s so innovative that our patents carry priority dates from 2010. Specifically for hotels we’ve built a new product with Sabre to enable :

  • Instant Hotel Check-in (with Up-selling & Loyalty);

  • Key-less Door Opening (Straight to Room);

  • Instant Action / Purchase / Up-sell; and

  • Instant Checkout with Bill Splitting (Corporate / Personal Cards).