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Onescan is all about Instant Action

We live in the age of consumer impatience and ever increasing cyber threats.  So, we believe you need a brilliant customer experience coupled with the best security. In the past, this has been a real challenge as the two have been mutually exclusive. This is why we’ve made it our mission to make consumers’, merchants' and businesses' digital lives easier and safer. The first step was creating Onescan - a platform, mobile app and SDK (Software Development Kit) that turns a call-to-action into an instant action.

This has never been possible before now.  We adopt an holistic approach utilising unique technology.  So whether you’re registering or transferring information, entering a competition, completing a survey, proving your identity online, making a payment or buying a product - you can with Onescan.

Onescan : the best of all worlds

We’re experts in online security and mobile technology.  So safe and secure mobile interaction is always at the heart of what we do.  Which is why our technology has bank-grade security you can trust whilst being incredibly easy to use. After all, great usability and world-class security should come hand-in-hand. We take care of security and compliance so that you don’t need to.  Your app and website becomes PCI Level 1 certified simply by using our technology.

So no more usernames or passwords, or constantly filling in online forms. With Onescan, you can transact across the whole omnichannel using your mobile. We make it simple and rapid so you and your customers can relax knowing your and their information is safe.

Here at ensygnia, we’ve made it our mission to make consumers’ and business’ digital lives easier and safer, by creating Onescan - a platform, mobile app and SDK that turns a call-to-action into action in seconds
— ensygnia