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Enable secure payments from any device

Onescan used in-store at Waitrose concept store for secure mPOS

The payments market can be daunting and confusing to anyone not regularly immersed in it. As a result many companies have adopted a “wait-and-see” approach. Unfortunately this has been disastrous for some who are now being disrupted by online & mobile players moving into bricks and mortar, while they’re faced with store closures.

Fortunately we can give you total peace of mind as we super-aggregate across all payment methods globally - we support over 200+ payment gateways including, ApplePay, PayPal and Carrier Billing.  We’re always integrating new payment methods too.  And we handle all the compliance so you don’t have to. This not only provides you with the best payment methods and rates for your business, but future-proofs you against having to add new methods or keep up with compliance standards like PCI Level 1 and PSD2. The EU's Payment Services Directive 2 became law January 1st 2018, if you are unsure how this could affect you contact us to learn more.

You may think you don’t need to worry as your payment gateway has this covered, but then you’ll be at the mercy of a payment company focused purely on compliance.  

We enable credit & debit cards, direct debit, wallets and carrier billing. Specifically we also support PayPal, ApplePay and Boku. We work with most acquirers and payment gateways – meaning no change needed. But you can easily add back-ups or new ones.

Preferred Gateways

Plus over 200 more…

At Ensygnia, driving customer engagement through a brilliant user experience is at the heart of what we do. And as our processes are patented, you cannot get these benefits anywhere else.

  • Power your mobile & web with a PCI Level 1 compliant solution - we're certified, so you don't have to be

  • Accept payments worldwide - seamlessly add a back-up gateway or new payment methods like ApplePay, PayPal or Carrier Billing

  • No change necessary - keep your existing payment gateway or acquirer

  • Card vaulting - secure cloud-based

  • Focus on the customer journey - we deliver end-to-end customer journeys, including payment as integral part where necessary