Begin and End, Customer Journeys Anywhere

A unified omnichannel view of your customers is actually affordable

Turn any device in to a point of sale

Add a dynamic Onescan code to any device or a static one to printed material, to create a secure mobile interaction be that payment, verification or identity management.

We designed Onescan to sit seamlessly alongside your silo’ed legacy systems. It’s remarkably quick and easy to configure and integrate as needed. We can accomplish more in a few days than others do in weeks. How?

We’re all about user experience, so we’ve designed the platform to allow you to easily brand and personalise it. This is delivered to your customer’s mobile app in real-time — ensuring minimum friction across the omni-channel. Better customer experience means more advocates for your brand, it’s as simple as that.

The beauty of Onescan is it’s driven by a range of transaction triggers. If you’re just using mobile, it can be one touch. If you’re using your mobile to interact with the omni-channel, then one scan. It combines a visual cue with a call-to-action, creating an action instantly.

We’re not just limited to visual triggers. Sound, radio frequency, Bluetooth, WiFi, geo-location and beacons are just some of the other options available. Onescan drives a slick customer experiences across your entire omni-channel.

Basically, we work with you to define the right journey for you and your customer - and Onescan does the rest.