Our delivery is on time, on budget and hits all expectations

First and foremost, to manage project delivery well, we start with clear concise communication.  Once engaged, we gather requirements, information, plan, map, agree and sign off at each stage.  In addition, to reduce project risk we implement mitigation strategies and contingency plans.  In order to meet stakeholder expectations reporting is regular.  And key risks are flagged as early as possible (should the need arise).   Additionally, we work with stakeholders from all areas of your business — including senior management, marketing, finance, IT, product management and innovation.

Since we have the first solution of our kind in market, we put R&D at the heart of our approach.  Hence we deploy the right development teams to ensure we’re properly matched with our clients.   As a result, in a typical project, there is only 20% of the work left to do.  This is due the investment we've made in our platform.  Plus, integration is quick and easy to anything that exposes an Application Programming Interface (API).  That said, we also build connectors to legacy systems, creating APIs where they didn't previously exist.

As a result we can typically deliver more in a few days than many of our competitors deliver in several weeks.  Our delivery is on time, on budget and hits all expectations.  Ask us for a case study!

Helping you decide


As our platform is powerful and flexible, the only limit is your imagination and/or budget.  Generally, that degree of flexibility can be quite daunting and some people struggle to put us into a box or know what to do first.  That's why we created surestart, our structured consulting program that takes you from ideation to MVP in just 6 weeks.  This enables us to help you innovate rapidly.  You can quickly test and discard those ideas that won't work in practice.  Enabling you to focus in on the business case and scaling those that do.

For example, Sabre recently asked us to do this for them in the travel industry.  This was a new market for us and an interesting project.  We went from ideation to a brand new product (MVP) in c. 6 weeks.  We suggested to Sabre that we would link our new product to an interactive video we created to enable internal and external showcasing for feedback.  Have a play: http://sabre.ensygnia.net - just browse to this site on your computer or tablet, you'll need to download the Onescan App on your mobile as well (iOS or Android).

Alternatively, your own in-house team or system integrator can use our partner portal and developer sandbox along with our toolkit to build your own projects.

It's free to develop proof of concepts.  Ask us about commercial pricing or revenue sharing opportunities.