The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2018: Enabling Retailers to Compete with Amazon

Insight Success has selected Ensygnia as one of The 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch 2018 for our Onescan solution, helping retailers to compete with Amazon.

Ensygnia Ltd is a UK-based service provider company with a mission to help provide a secure environment for online transactions. The company is already working with major market leaders to help deliver innovation, trust and security into online transactions in order to boost revenue-generation. Its solution focuses on a simple user interface to smooth the customer journey and increase customer satisfaction.The company’s vision is to make consumers’ digital lives easier and safer. Ensygnia’s unified business solution centers on the key sales point in the customer journey – the point the marketers refer to as the ‘call-to-action’. Ensygnia’s solution makes it easier to take that action – it allows the customers to make one-touch purchases without the need for detailed form-filling and multiple checkpoints.

It can do all this while boosting the security of the transaction and reducing the risk of fraud. Of course, it gives the customer the opportunity to confirm the sale and the final price being paid, but it can make buying goods or services from almost any website simple, secure and friction-free.

Ensygnia believes companies should be able to close sales quickly, with a brilliant customer experience, best compliant security, and easiest payment method. The company’s expertise in both the security market and in mobile technology has helped to create a safe, secure mobile device transaction process with bank-grade security that users can trust. The company believes that great usability and world-class security should come hand-in-hand.

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