Ensygnia announces Onescan Inside

London, October 1 2014: The Telefonica-backed UK mobile identity and payments innovator Ensygnia has released new Software Development Kits (SDKs) to enable third-party companies to embed Onescan inside their existing mobile applications. Ensygnia's patented Onescan solution stores users' encrypted personal information and uses a mobile app to trigger and authorise transactions over a secure, cloud-based authentication platform. For retailers, Onescan enables shoppers to complete a purchase in less than ten seconds whether online or in-store simply by scanning a specially designed Onescan Padlock code.

Now Ensygnia has released software tools to allow these capabilities to be embedded by other companies into their own mobile applications.

The Onescan Inside SDKs provide:

  • Embeddable Onescan capability accessible through a set of simple software Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Support for Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Stepped integration levels -
    • Very simple launch of Onescan from within the existing app
    • Tighter integration where the host app can rebrand and drive Onescan functionality from its own User Interface
  • Customisation of the Onescan look and feel to meet the host App’s colour schemes and style
  • Importing full Onescan capability into the host application including -
    • Scanning of dynamic Onescan padlock codes
    • Scanning of Onescan Print codes
    • One-Touch Purchases
  • Support from Onescan’s bank-grade secure transaction engine and associated features

Announcing the availability of the SDK, Ensygnia’s co-founder and CTO Matt Deacon said: “We believe this release will take interest in our technologies to another level.  Retailers, banks, and mobile payment companies with existing branded mobile apps can now include Ensygnia’s Onescan secure authentication and payment capabilities within their own product offerings.

“We have made the integration and customization of the App incredibly simple and are already working on projects to integrate Onescan capability within existing mobile Apps.  The release of the SDK will enable us to ease and speed that process.”