Ensygnia Presents Mobile Innovation at Mobile World Congress 2015

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It's almost time again for the Mobile World Congress. Every year, the event organised by the GSMA seems to grow larger and larger. Since the move to Barcelona in 2006, the event has continued to grow in size year on year and in 2014, the truly global event attracted over 80,000 attendees. It's not surprising. The growth of the event simply reflects the growing prevalence and ubiquitous nature of mobile technology. When March 2nd rolls around - you can count on Ensygnia joining the thousands of returning visitors and array of debutantes.

As the shown has grown in size, it has also changed in nature, reflecting the change in the the industry it serves.  Gone are the days when the show seemed to be solely about mobile network infrastructure or complex network innovation; as the mobile went mainstream, so did the show.

These days there are entire halls given over to the latest developments in the App community, and special feature areas on applications such as mobile money and mobile identity.  We're naturally pleased to see this emerging focus on the areas where we believe we have a role to play - and both we and the show can claim to have seen it coming.

When Ensygnia first attended the show, back in 2013, we were highlighted as one of the technologies likely to have the greatest impact in the mobile industry over the next ten years - which means we have great memories of the show.  We’re also beginning to deliver on that promise as our relationships with major companies such as Telefonica and the BBC prove.

This year Ensygnia's CEO, Richard H Harris, will again be taking part in the main conference. On the third day of the conference, Wednesday 4 March, Richard Harris will take part in a panel about Mobile innovation alongside other Tech CEOs and Senior Executives. The GSMA's description of the panel to be held in Hall 4 Auditorium 1 at 15.15 is as follows:

'Investment is an essential part of bringing new products and services to the market, whilst creating a business capable of longevity and real market impact. Through presentations and case study examples this session will navigate the investment landscape, supported by speakers from investment providers, banks, start-up accelerators and companies who have created breakthrough products in the mobile industry.'

As well as Richard, our CTO Matt Deacon will also be at the show and if you are there and would like to meet up with either of them, simply complete this form. And of course we will have our ear to the ground for interesting news emerging at the show, and publishing the best bits on these pages.

By Matthew Taylor
20th February 2015