Login and registration: the Pa$$w0rd problem

You've got a great new site, offering a brilliant service, and you just can't wait for people to get their hands on it. But, the sign-ups are slow, and the growth is not as you had hoped. What's the problem? Well, your site might not be all you think it is, but you can bet for sure, you've definitely lost some potential users because they could not be bothered with completing yet another registration process or creating another unique and complex password.

Are you past caring about passwords

Your site doesn't have to be new for this to be a problem. Of the users who have taken the time to complete the registration process on your site, how many have subsequently had login issues? How many "forgotten your password" e-mails have you had to send? And that's just to the users who didn't switch to another site immediately when confronted with login frustrations.

It's in the best interests of users and website owners to ensure that there are as few barriers as possible in the way of interaction between the two. Ideally, you want engagement and interaction on the site completely uninhibited by the peripheral issues of login and registration. So what can you do? Automatic login with another social media account such as Facebook or Twitter can be a great solution, but what if it's not right for you? Maybe it's not suitable for your brand, or you need more information from your users, or perhaps you have concerns about the security implications of tethering your users to those services. A seamless login and registration process should not come at the expense of security.

At Ensygnia, we feel that the solution is actually already in the hands of the users - their Smartphones. We believe in solutions, like our own, that harness the power of the Smartphone to deliver highly secure, verified authentication in the most seamless and friction-free way possible.

Our own Onescan solution uses a secure verified identity, tokenized and stored on a combination of a user's mobile phone and our bank-grade secure cloud server. We believe this combination of device-based and cloud-based security, accessed through a simple scan, can deliver quick and easy login and registration across multiple sites.


Just as importantly, we don't believe that the current proliferation of complex passwords and unique codes for each and every site is either workable or safe for users. People inevitably start to use something very similar on every site, and very quickly defeat the objective of providing safe and secure access to confidential information.

We think it is time to stop making Internet safety difficult; to stop turning registration and authentication into a Mensa mental challenge; and to start using technology to safely make things easier and quicker for us all.

So to mark the busy online Christmas shopping season, and in the spirit of giving rather than receiving, we are reinforcing our commitment to online safety by offering our own APIs to any site owners for testing and integration, without any licensing fees.

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By Matthew Taylor 2nd December 2014