M-payment innovators Ensygnia work with GlobalBay on integration

Development team to integrate smart mobile payments with leading iPad retailing system London September 25:  Ensygnia, the mobile payments company backed by Telefonica’s technology start-up accelerator Wayra, today confirmed it was working on an integration project with Mobile solutions vendor VeriFone GlobalBay.  The two companies plan to offer a range of flexible mobile payment solutions in stores.

Announcing the strategic initiative, Ensygnia CEO Richard H Harris said: “Onescan, our secure smartphone app, and VeriFone GlobalBay’s iPad retailing system make perfect partners.  Consumers will be able to take goods direct to shop-floor staff and quickly check-out using Onescan without going anywhere near a till queue.  It will be as simple as shop, scan and go.”

VeriFone GlobalBay is the iPad and tablet-based retail kiosk solution that is now central to global payment processing giant VeriFone’s mobile retailing portfolio following its acquisition of Globalbay in late 2011.  VeriFone is a global leader in secure electronic payment solutions including point of sale terminals for merchants and consumer-facing self-service payment systems.

Ensygnia’s VP for Payments and Loyalty Solutions, Bede Feltham is working closely with VeriFone GlobalBay and the development team to design the joint solution.  “We’ve all been pushed for time and walked away from a store queue when it moves too slowly,” said Bede, “but VeriFone GlobalBay’s mobile solutions and the secure Onescan app will enable shoppers to become queue-busters and check-out in their own mobile fast lane. What’s more, the system will recognise returning customers and be able to automatically deduct discounts or add loyalty points to transactions.”

Independent Industry consultant and former CTO of high street sandwich chain, EAT, Rene Batsford, who is advising Ensygnia and VeriFone GlobalBay on the project, added: “As soon as I saw Onescan I wished that I’d been able to offer that to our customers when I was at EAT.  It removes so many barriers for retailers and consumers alike, and I believe that the integration of Onescan with the VeriFone GlobalBay offering will create a must-have retail solution that will speed payments and fuel loyalty schemes.”