More equals the new less?

Shoppers have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and the smart ones out there are using it to spend less and make their money go further. First and foremost, it has become a lot easier for consumers to keep track of their spending - online banking, mobile wallets and bank management apps have changed the way we manage our money.  In theory people should be more informed and less in danger of overspending, now that you can have a quick check of your balance before buying that must-have 42 inch flat screen HDTV that is an investment that has nothing to do with the upcoming World Cup, honest.

 "online banking, mobile wallets and bank management apps have changed the way we manage our money"

What’s more, with our latest partners Noddle, canny consumers can keep track of other elements of their personal financial information - such as their credit score.  Noddle is a 100% free credit report service that allows users to keep up to date with their own credit rating. Why not try it out yourself?

All this proves that easy access to vital information is out there for consumers to be more informed, smarter and wiser with their financial decisions than ever before.

Being more informed of your own financial situation is just the first step, really smart consumers seek out the best deals and take advantage of the best loyalty and voucher schemes.

Our own site Snaptaps is an excellent example. With Snaptaps users are kept up to date with live price drops on a daily basis across a host of well known retail sites - including such household names as Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Boots.

Snaptaps covers the online retail sites excellently, but there are other sites out there  that help shoppers down the high street as well. HotUKdeals is an interesting community driven deal seeking website. In reddit-esque style, users submit deals they find in store and around the web for other users to rate as either hot or cold.  The 'hottest' deals of the day quickly rise to the top. HotUKdeals effectively creates an army of smart informed shoppers crowd-sourcing the hottest deals of the day and the best value for their money.

"More information equals more value from less spending. More is the new less"

This all adds up to wiser consumers being in more control than ever before of their spending.  More information equals more value from less spending. More is the new less.

We're a big fan of this smarter, wiser consumer here at Ensygnia - a consumer with total control of their finances and spending. In fact, we think that is central to what we do and one of the reasons why we developed the Onescan App.  With Onescan, our customers choose who to share their personal data with, and only share the information that is needed.   Why share the full credit card or bank details, when our App can simply confirm to the retailer that the payment has been made.

We like the vision of a modern, informed consumer who is in total control of their financial and personal data. And we see Onescan as a key element of that vision.

By Matthew Taylor 20th May 2014