The simple secret

‘One click is the secret to mobile payments adoption, as 50 per cent of UK consumers shun‘complicated’ m-payments’

Here at Ensygnia, we almost couldn’t agree more with the findings of Oxygen8’s survey into the attitudes of smartphone users towards mobile payments – except of course we favour one scan.

‘Internet Retailing’ covered Oxygen8’s findings this week saying that – “rather unsurprisingly – simplicity is the driving factor to unlocking widespread adoption.”

The report said that despite having the capability to do so, one third of 18-44 year olds in the UK admit to never having made a payment using their phone; however, more than half would be more encouraged to do so if it was “as simple as paying with a single click.”

"the future of mobile payments does lie in a fast, frictionfree and secure solution"

At Ensygnia, we firmly believe that the future of mobile payments does lie in a fast, frictionfree and secure solution which is why we developed our Onescan platform and application.

We believe in one scan to make a simple fast secure transaction.  Onescan whether you are at home on your desktop, Onescan in a shop on the high street or even Onescan just walking past a poster on a wall. Wherever you are, we aim to take you from looking to buying in under 10 seconds.

The other point that leapt out to us from the survey – and chimes with our own thinking - is that  some “73 per cent of those surveyed have abandoned shopping baskets for reasons including fiddly navigation, security concerns, off-putting pop-up adverts or a clunky checkout process.”

Oxygen8 say that businesses will need to “address these concerns if they want to capitalise on the consumer appetite for direct payments from SMS marketing.”

"an online shopping experience that puts no barriers in the way of consumers and their purchases"

Ensygnia envision an online shopping experience that puts no barriers in the way of consumers and their purchases.  Our identity-based Onescan solution provides a seamless easy user experience, combined with a ‘bank-grade’ security solution running in the background. Shopping online no longer even requires registration with the site - no more usernames and passwords – and actually we even remove the need to share your payment details with the retailer by simply validating to them that the payment has been made.  Our secure cloud and ‘token’ solution takes care of all the details in the background.

So – that’s it: simple fast secure mobile payments – with just one scan.

By Matthew Taylor

26th March 2014

Notes: Internet retailing’s original article Oxygen8’s website