UK shows global eCommerce leadership


A report, by researchers Enders Analysis, has revealed some impressive statistics and figures regarding the UK's eCommerce economy. Per head the UK is far ahead of the US and its European counterparts. UK consumers spend some £2,000 a year per head on eCommerce platforms, nearly double that of the likes of France and Germany. Furthermore, eCommerce sales to consumers and businesses exceeds £556 billion in total.

The UK's eCommerce success can be attributed to the quantity and quality of connections to the internet, particularly in regards to mobile. Smartphone adoption is high throughout the UK and Enders Analysis's report, entitled Digital UK 2015, predicts that in five years time there will be 45 million mobile broadband connections in the UK. It's yet more encouraging signs for the UK mobile and eCommerce industries.

Claire Enders, CEO of the company, said:

"Without doubt the United Kingdom is a leader among the world's digital economies. We have a particular strength in e-commerce, but our fast internet connections and rapid 4G rollout also make us among the world's most digitally advanced economies"

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy, confirmed the positive trends outlined by the report:

"I am delighted to see that the UK is making such good progress in embracing the technologies that will underpin this country’s future economic prosperity. This is the result of hard work and enterprise by a diverse range of British companies.  The UK is firmly open for digital business; our digital economy is already one of the strongest markets in the world, valued at more than £100 billion."

It all confirms the UK is a prime market for the introduction of mobile solutions that streamline and ease eCommerce. Which is of course great news for solutions like Onescan which make eCommerce payments easy whether that is online or on-device.

By Matthew Taylor 3rd February 2015

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