What's the Login and registration solution?

There's hardly a site on the internet that doesn't have the 'forgot your password?' button. And there isn't a single person reading this who hasn't at some point been the poor soul clicking it. We've all forgotten our password, or even username for that matter. But is it really our fault? Onescan free login and registration

Well, of course not. First and foremost, the amount of log-ins we are required to remember is obscene. How are we supposed to remember them all? Especially when we might have created them months ago, are supposed to never repeat them and furthermore, comply with all manner of mystifying rules? The solution has become laughably cumbersome and frustrating.

Have you ensured the use of a special character? Is it long enough? Have you got a capital letter? Would Sherlock himself struggle to trace this one key phrase, word or random series of numbers, digits and characters back to you? Yes yes and yes! And the result:

"password strength = weak"


It makes me want to repeatedly smash my face against the keyboard. Not out of frustration… but simply because it's the only way I can come up with a new unique password complex enough. But I'll never be able to repeat it.

Perhaps the username and password made sense in the first days of the internet, when you had one e-mail to log into after a successful dial up. However those days are long gone. The sheer numbers involved means it is no longer a practical solution.

But what's worse, security is suffering as a result of password's unpractical nature - which means it's no longer even achieving its primary function.

We take log-in back to its roots: a simple and secure way to prove who you are and get you on your way. Not an infuriating memory test set by your past self.

We know we're not supposed to use the same password again, but so many do, or at least a variation. Of course people do, there is no possible way someone could hold in their head a completely unique password for the myriad of log-ins that come with using the internet to its full in 2014.

So what can you do? If you do use the same password repeatedly, and you were to become compromised on one service, you're suddenly vulnerable everywhere.

Okay, so use a completely unique password for every site, and write them all down somewhere? Now you have got a master document that hacker would find very handy.  Which means you now need to keep that somewhere safe as well.  Why not create a file on your pc and password protect that too!

Perhaps you log in with a social media site? Sure, form a user experience stand point it's quicker and easier, but now you're putting even more of your trust in companies with less than stellar security and privacy records. And if your Facebook username and password is compromised, well that's the same problem if you used the same password from site to site anyway.

How about, instead of every site having a 'Forgot your password' button, we just forget about passwords all together?

That's what we believe in at Ensygnia, a solution that eradicates usernames and passwords entirely. Identity and security are core pillars of what we do at Ensygnia. Our solution to login takes advantage of a secure verified identity stored on your mobile and our bank-grade security cloud. Logging in is now complete with just one scan: Onescan if you will.


We take login back to its roots: a simple and secure way to prove who you are and get you on your way. Not an infuriating memory test set by your past self. Just open up the app and scan the padlock on screen, or if your logging in from a mobile device or tablet itself, just one touch of a button launches the Ensygnia secure platform.

What’s more, Onescan can do all the leg work for you when you are meet with the task of completing another registration process. No more form-filling, instead: Onescan. Once you're set up on Onescan, you're set up everywhere.

Well, at least everywhere that takes advantage of Onescan. We are offering our Onescan Free login and registration until the end of 2014. If you've got a website that you think could benefit from a streamlined login and registration solution, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Or if you would like to see the service on a website you love but have a hassle logging into, let them know, there's, for a limited time, a free solution available.

By Matthew Taylor 26th November 2014