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Ensygnia's solutions sit at the heart of interaction. We work with market leaders helping them deliver innovation and new revenue-generating customer journeys. Our flagship product Onescan enables any call-to-action to become an instant action. This delivers beautiful simplicity, allowing consumers to interact securely online, in-store, or on-the-go. Whatever you need to do, you can with Onescan.

Ensygnia are pioneers of omnichannel sales

Historically, “omnichannel” has been used to mean a single payment gateway for Online and In-store sales.  And that’s been a novelty for many retailers, as online and offline sales channels have been in separate silos.  Online typically means the main website and offline typically means in-store. Our solution delivers sales more quickly, more often and by more channels.  And a channel can be anything physical or digital.  We turn any call-to-action into an instant action.  It becomes a directly actionable trigger enabling an instant purchase. Try the Onescan experience.

We have made it our mission to make consumers’ digital lives easier and safer, by creating Onescan - a platform, mobile app and SDK - that turns a call-to-action into action in seconds.
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You’re in good company. We’ve worked with the following customers:


Unified Omnichannel

Unifying user experience across the omnichannel doesn’t have to take as long — or cost as much as you might think. What we can do for a reasonable cost in a matter of days or weeks is well worth talking about…


REVOLUTIONISE your omnichannel strategy

Brilliant UX

Delivering a frictionless and engaging User Experience (UX) has its challenges, especially where security and compliance are needed. Our patented processes deliver a brilliant and customisable user experience, seamlessly combining compliant security, while actually removing barriers to purchase and interaction...

Payments Covered

We seamlessly support most payment methods globally. This means no need for you to change acquirer or payment gateway, plus you can include ApplePay, PayPal, Carrier Billing or the latest greatest new method simply by flicking a switch.

Compliant Security

Independently tested for FCA regulated companies, our security goes well beyond PCI Level 1 and PSD2 compliance. You can instantly leverage our certifications reducing your risk and cost. Thanks to our patented process our enhanced security actually improves the customer experience too!

About ensygnia

Ensygnia is all about Instant Action

You know we live in an age of consumer impatience and ever increasing cyber threats.  So, we believe you need a brilliant customer experience coupled with the best security.  However, this has been a real challenge in the past - as the two have been mutually exclusive. That’s why we created Onescan


“one of the innovations likely to have the greatest impact on the global mobile industry over the next 10 years”

A dozen accolades, in just a few years, has helped to validate our solution. First of all it was start-up awards which then progressed to major industry acknowledgements. The consistent acknowledgement of our innovation and brilliant user-experience has been hugely motivating.


We have robust patents granted in the major countries you would expect, including the UK, USA and China.

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