Ensygnia invited to Mobile World Commerce 2013 'Dragon’s Den'

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, UK-based start-up Ensygnia was one of just six companies competing to be chosen as the mobile innovation with the most potential impact. In the Next Generation Mobile Innovation session, one of the most anticipated and attended sessions of the entire show, Ensygnia presented its patented Onescan solution for 'frictionless' mobile commerce.

Founder and CEO Richard Harris, who led the company’s 'Dragon’s Den' style pitch, said today that the worldwide potential of the Ensygnia platform and the Onescan mobile solution made this years Mobile World Congress the perfect stage to showcase this revolutionary product. With Onescan, customers can shop from any digital screen without the need for anything more than the app, making technology like NFC virtually redundant.

“The Onescan app users allows users to make payments, login to corporate VPNs, register with cloud-based services or access their personal bank accounts with just one scan,”

he explained.

“Our process is simple, fast and secure, and makes shopping, registering or responding with a mobile a seamless one scan experience. It finally brings an end to the pain of lost passwords, endless forms and mobile shopping frustrations.”

The service runs on a patented process which uses the Ensygnia platform.The data held on the platform is encrypted and its security maintained throughout any transaction. The technology acts as a personal information exchange to transfer data stored by users of the Onescan app.

“Onescan simplifies shopping,” said Harris. “Retailers simply present an Ensygnia encrypted QR code alongside the product and by scanning an onscreen code with the Onescan App on their smartphone, shoppers trigger a transaction using their stored information. Better than that, it's designed not just for websites, but also for digital media such as cinema and screens, and can even be used in store for queue busting and mobile point of sale."

“Wherever the customer is, there's no more registering or entering financial details for every single transaction,” Harris added. “Just find a product, select it and scan it. And you're done.”

The app is not just for shopping, Onescan can also use stored personal data or credentials to provide swift and secure access to cloud-based services, to speed up log-on to corporate networks, or registration for real-world locations. Consumers too could use Onescan to access social media sites and networks to protect their personal data as they would not need to supply this on login.

“Everyone present could see that we have created a powerful underlying technology engine with many potential applications,” continued Harris. "Specifically, I hope they see the full potential of our solution. We will revolutionise the way people pay for goods and services, both online and in store and anywhere in between. We have in our hands a universal mobile wallet that is simpler, faster, and more secure than anything on the market today. The future is very promising and we're grateful for the opportunity afforded to us.”