Onescan wins Audience Award Vote at Mobile World Congress 2013

A 1,000 strong audience at Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile industry conference in Barcelona were given a taste of the future where some upcoming mobile innovations wowed the attending crowd. The session was called

'Back to the Future: Mobile Innovation 2023'

and in this session six startups pitched for audience backing to be selected as the company to have the greatest impact on the global mobile industry over the next ten years.

As befitting such a cutting edge show, the audience did not merely vote by raising hands or by pressing buttons, select audience members were invited to be measured for emotional response through galvanic skin response (GSR) sensors worn on their fingers. By attaching these sensors to smartphones, the data can then be uploaded and audience attention visualised.

Coming a close second to the winner, Ensygnia Founder and CEO, Richard H Harris took to the stage and, in his short presentation, detailed exactly why their new product, Onescan will revolutionise mobile payments. With one scan any iOS or Android phone user can make a purchase with their mobile device - whether online, in store or on the go. No more lost passwords, no more endless forms, no needing to login to buy. Onescan also does more than just buy, it also interacts with loyalty schemes and in store promotions.

This video, courtesy of the technology supplier Sensum (the technology which measures the emotional response to the presentations), shows not just the presentation, but the realtime audience engagement and response.