Order drinks at your table with an iPad

A pub in Wales has installed pumps to allow customers to pull their own beers. The Landlord of the Westbourne pub  in Swansea has spent £20,000 pounds installing the system. Three of the pub's tables are equipped with the pumps along with a bouncepad mounted iPad for customers to place their orders - whether that is for beer from the table pumps, or for other drinks and food only available at the bar. welsh pub installs pumps and ipads

There has been other examples in the past of customers (and staff) using iPads to place their orders in restaurants and bars, and table pumps are quite common in Dublin, but this is the first time I have seen the table pump idea combined with an iPad for a wider range of self-service ordering and pouring.

Landlord, Mark Lingwood will be hoping his innovative offering will draw the punters in. He said:

"It's something I have looked at for a long time, it's a great, fun idea."

I have to agree with Mark - it's a great idea - speedy and engaging. What's not to love. I do think it could be better though. Why force customers to buy a special card to take advantage of the iPad. You could instead sell straight from the iPad screen using Onescan. But there again, why have the iPad at all - why not have a mobile app triggering orders and taking payments. Then every customer has access to pre-ordering their drinks from the bar without queuing. Does the pub's current solution just switch queuing up to get to the bar, to queuing up to get to an iPad?

I would like to see the whole process on a mobile app, that also allows you to pay your tab at the end of the night. Great idea though Mark.

By Matthew Taylor 15th October 2014

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